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Full Livery Service

What do we mean By "Full Livery"?
Different yards include or exclude different things so there is no absolute standard but we Include the following;

All year turnout in good quality post and rail fields with individual turnout available.

Stabling close to all facilities.

Large, luxurious semi-deep litter beds - properly mucked and skipped out daily. We are flexible with bed types in order to suit your horses’ needs.
We allow for 2 full bales of bedding per week, on top of an initial bed set up.

Our own home grown hay supplemented by additional high quality hay is provided ad-lib to suit individual needs. Haylage can also be provided but there is a small additional charge for this.

Additional feedstuffs to ensure necessary nourishment for your horses’ well being. We stock a variety of feeds of quality brands and can usually provide any specific requirements your horse may need
Late night checks are carried out daily for safety and security.

Every horse is also given hay at this time and a feed if necessary.
The horses are groomed daily.

Tack is fully cleaned once a week.

We will arrange farriers and vets visits and liaise with other third parties (their costs billed direct to you). We will also carry out follow up veterinary treatment if required.

Any rug changes necessary

**Further exercise can be arranged in consultation with the owner as a small additional charge.
Trimming , plaiting ,show preparation etc charged as small supplement and carried out in our illuminated clipping bay.


Exercising – hacking, lunging and schooling are offered by our experienced staff at an additional cost

Clipping – This is carried out in our large illuminated clipping bay. All types of clips can be done depending on what your horse requires

Trimming, plaiting, show preparation – all can be provided to a high standard

Wormers – we follow a regular worming programme and provide and administer the wormers. Each wormer will be charged to your bill. Charges vary depending on the cost to us

Parking – there is parking available for lorries and trailers on a hard standing surface in our car park. This is charged for on a monthly basis.

Supplements – we are more than happy to add supplements to feeds but clients must provide them

Fifty acres of Surrey countryside



Livery in Dorking, Surrey

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Full Livery Service in
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"An exceptional 5 Star Horse Livery Yard in Surrey"

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