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Our main timber clad stables all face out onto the school and kitchen and meeting areas, ensuring that there is always something going on to keep you and your horse interested when not running around in the fields.

We also have a run of larger block built stables facing the carpark and looking out to the beautiful North Downs views.

We predominantly provide large, luxurious semi-deep litter beds but we are flexible and can accommodate most styles of bed depending on each horses requirements to ensure stable conditions are at an optimum.

All waste is taken well away from the stable area each day to our large organic manure heap for composting.

All stables have large water buckets that are cleaned and refilled with fresh water daily.

All stables are individually illuminated with wiring to latest EU standards.

All stables are in close proximity to the staff and owners houses for safety and security.

Fifty acres of Surrey countryside



Livery in Dorking, Surrey

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Full Livery Service in
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"An exceptional 5 Star Horse Livery Yard in Surrey"
5 Star Horse Livery in Dorking, Surrey"

What makes Bushy Plat Farm or Surrey special - click here

What makes Bushy Plat Farm of Surrey special »

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